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Felicity Smoak wasn’t meant to be around for more than a few episodes. Felicity Smoak wasn’t meant to be Team Arrow’s invaluable third prong. Felicity Smoak wasn’t meant to be Arrow’s female lead. But she became all of those things thanks to Emily Bett Rickards, the astounding CW discovery who has taken a one-off character and transformed her into Arrow’s M.V.P.Emily Bett Rickards in Entertainment Tonight.

Love this Entertainment Tonight blurb about Emily (the interview aired back in November 2013; watch here). Honestly, I don’t think I’d be a huge fan of “Arrow” if it weren’t for Emily’s Felicity.

So amazing what EBR has done with this character. I know for a fact, Felicity is one of my favourite parts about the show. So pumped to see a Canadian actor playing such a strong woman on screen and just taking that role and making her into and integral part of the show. 

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Casting Spoilers! ‘Arrow’ casts DC Comics villain {redacted!} |


I just read the wiki description of his comic arc…and if it is accurate, I AM FUCKING EXCITED. ohmypreciousgirl + felicityremarkablesmoak come explain comic things to me please (fakedeathversefakedeathversefakedeathverse???)

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